Potassium Feldspar Powder 

200 mesh

300 mesh

325 mesh

We are a notable supplier and manufacturer of Potassium Feldspar Powder. In this range, we offer premium quality Glaze Feldspar Powder. Our team of mineral experts crushes these rock-forming minerals to make high grade powder. Our powder is admired for its stable chemical property, high effectiveness, purity, uniform particle size, and long storage life. It is free from impurities and available in various packaging sizes. Our powder is used by several industries like:

Application Industries -

# Ceramics
# Enamel Frits & Glazes
# Tiles & sanitary ware
# Insulators #Glass
# Mild Abrasives
# Picture tubes
# Special Polymers
# Tableware
# Welding Electrodes, etc.